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Programs and Mission Areas We Support


Force Level Warfare Systems

•  Warfare System Analysis, Architecture and Requirements

•  Warfare Systems Engineering, Integration, and Test/Evaluation (T&E)


Ship and Ship Systems

•  Ship Integration and Design


Surface Ship Combat Systems

•  Air and Surface Surveillance and Detection Systems

•  Combat Control Systems

•  Engagement Systems

•  Electronic Warfare

•  Combat System Engineering, Integration, T&E and Assessment


Littoral Warfare Systems

•  Amphibious Warfare Systems

•  Counter UAV/FAC/FIAC


Strategic Weapon Systems

•  Non-nuclear Strategic Weapon Systems


Undersea Warfare Command and Control Systems

•  Surface Undersea Warfare


Homeland Security and Force Protection

•  Homeland Security and Measured Response Options

•  Mission Assurance Capabilities


Cyber Terrorism/Crime

•  Lawful Intercept

•  Denial of Service

•  Information Warfare


Mission Areas

•  Anti-Air Warfare (AAW)

•  Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)

•  Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)

•  Anti Surface Warfare (ASUW)

•  Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW)

•  Strike Warfare (STK)


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